Friday, 29 May 2009

Wonderful Wallpaper

Aren't these wallpapers simply stunning? So beautiful and unique, I mean who doesn't want to be surrounded with gorgeous dresses and shoes and bags. The boy thinks that the bookshelf wallpaper would make him look smart. Deborah Bowness is based in the UK and I came across her hand printed wallpapers at 100% Design London last year then I realised that I walked past it everyday. It is in the shop window of Atelier Abigail on Upper Street, a dark and moody interiors boutique. Anyway that is for another day.

Kate Moss is a Goddess

Topshop have launched their delicious Kate Moss summer range once again. Kate Moss is a style icon and she can do no wrong in my eyes and this summer shoot is amazing. LOVE HER!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Erwin Hauer

I came across Erwin Hauer's amazing body of work in Interior Design magazine a while ago and was surprised I had never seen his work before. He is an Austrian born sculptor and began working in the 1950s although I think it could easily pass as digital work designed today. These amazing light diffusing screens have been installed in various Knoll showrooms and offices aswell as churches and foyers.

Dutch Design

Kate Hume is an English designer and stylist based in Amsterdam. I worked with her whilst I was in London and I love her classic and eclectic style with a twist. Her interiors aren't afraid to mix pattern, colour and texture with a range of interesting objects. I love her style and the way she makes a space beautiful and full of personality.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009



Canteen is a brilliant place for classic British food. Pies and stews and all things English, but don't let that stop you. I went to the Royal Festival Hall restaurant had some eggs for a late breakfast which is a hard thing to find in London. The interiors are the best of British too, with the emphasis is on simple, honest materials; oak, marble, linoleum, cork and tweed. The interiors of Canteen are by Universal Design Studio.
Photos by Lauren Macer

Scanlan & Theodore

Walking past and noticed that Scanlan & Theodore on Chapel Street has been renovated. It's now twice the size and twice as nice. Simply stunning clothes and the sales girls there are out of this world. How they stand all day in those ridiculously high heels and look so poised and glamorous I don't know.
Photos by Lauren Macer


This competition opened last week and is held as part of the 2009 State of Design Festival. Using 1m of LED strip light and your imagination you have to create a light fixture that represents environmental sustainability. Mmmm, may-be I'll enter this one...


Enjoying high tea at sketch, absolutely magical...

One of my favorite haunts in London, sketch. Nowhere else like it: food, art and music. You just have to explore the amazing website.
Photos by Lauren Macer.

Autumn is here


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