Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Outpost is a new little, well, outpost to St Ali in South Melbourne. It's a little take-away coffee place tucked away in South Yarra on Yarra Street near the station. The fit out manages to get away with a quirky industrial vintage feel in a brand new apartment development which is quite a rare thing. It feels like it's been there forever but it's still fresh and cool. I really like the tactile quality of the tiles on the walls and floor, beautiful colours aren't they? And how cool is that antique register.

It's a bit different, there's not a clear distinction between the staff/ customer side of the counter so you're right in there which makes you feel like you're part of the making of coffee somehow.
More on the coffee at a great food blog Melbourne Gastronome

9 Yarra Lane
South Yarra (near South Yarra Station, off Toorak Rd along the train line)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Beverly Hills 3141

No this isn't the same Beverly Hills you are thinking, you won't find Brenda and  Brandon, Donna and David here. This is Beverly Hills 3141, not 90210. These apartments are right here in South Yarra, just off Alexandra Ave. I've driven and walked past so many times but had never taken the time to take a look around before and it was like being transported to another place altogether.

There are about 20 apartments within a few separate buildings and were one of the first 'high rise' apartments to be built in Melbourne during the great depression in the late 20s. EC Lawson was the builder and used recycled materials from old mansions which explains the mis-matched styles. We went to the Lawson Grove shop for a coffee and it has a very close community feel to it, apparently it was originally the communal kitchen for the complex.

The pool is set high up on the hill surrounded by the apartments with plants and vines. It has a really cool faded hollywood glamour feel to it and you can imagine the fabulous parties held around it. If anyone has some more info let me know!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

London Stylie

Another gorgeous hotel to add to my long list of 'must-stay' places. 40 Winks is Queen Anne townhouse in East London exudes English charm and wit that I am so in love with. David Carter is the designer and owner of this boutique hotel with the aim of providing designers, stylists and other creatives (like us) somewhere fun and different to stay in London.
I hope to personally thank David one day for the alternative from boring bland hotels that are the same in every city.

Mobile Kitchen

I really like the concept behind this kitchen. Viennese based design studio Eoos emptied out their kitchen all over the floor to determine what is necessary and divide into functional groups. They use a method called Poetical Analysis in their design research. 'It is the search for intuitive images, rituals and myths.'

Eoos describe the kitchen: consisting of the following elements: a kitchen work cabinet for utensils (“tools”), supplies and dishes; a modular, readily adaptable kitchen workbench with a sink and a stove, as well as an appliance-housing cabinet accommodating the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. Drawers – in which chaos usually reigns anyway – are entirely eliminated.

Bulthaup employed Eoos to design this range. From the Bulthaup website:
The essence of that which makes and signifies a kitchen is incorporated in bulthaup b2. In developing this system, therefore, the emphasis was on identifying the amount of storage space actually required in kitchen cabinets and the quantity of cooking implements, crockery and household appliances really needed. The important was separated from the unimportant to allow the greatest possible concentration on the essentials, create perfect order, afford clarity and maintain everything in reach.

I would do almost ANYTHING to have a kitchen this organised, functional and spacious! ANYTHING!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Design House Stockholm

There is something about Scandinavian design that just speaks to me. This furniture, lighting and objects are by Design House Scandinavia. Although not all designed by Scandinavians, they work with designers from all over the world that have that 'Scandinavian touch.' There is something clean, quiet, clever and natural in these designs. Their products range from lighting to clothing, tableware to hangers and are all beautiful and easy to live with.

From their website:

With the aim of enhancing everyday life, Design House Stockholm has been changing the way people think about their living and working space for many years. The secret to our success is that we work with an extensive network of more than 60 independent designers, in the same way publishing houses work with authors. We collaborate with both new, up-and-coming talent and established names.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Colours and Fantasy

Aren't these colours fabulous? Matthew Williamson designs the most beautiful clothing including bias cut flowing dresses and seperates that mixing stunning patterns and exotic colours. He opened a New York store in Feb this year designed by ARCHLAB design studios alongside Williamson and Clare Ceprynski. I'm just so in love with it, a chic colour palette and an internal garden, it's gorgeous. Check out the video on the website showing the Mayfair boutique, it's a really good view of the store and the story behind it. The manequins hang from Murano glass chandeliers, there's handpainted wallpaper and cherry blossom trees inside.

The other images are of his home and how fantasitc and OTT is it! If you know French check out the article at Elle Decor.

Matthew Williamson is a Manchester born fashion designer and started his luxury clothing label in 1997. He took over as Creative Director at LVMH owned Italian house, Emilio Pucci and has even done a range for H&M.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Atmospheric Feeling

It was so exciting to see the Gehry pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery last year although I really wish I had of seen this year's by Sanaa instead. It's really beautiful and almost disappears altogether into the landscape like a cloud or a floating pond.

From the Serpentine Gallery website:

Describing their structure the architects say: ‘The Pavilion is floating aluminium, drifting freely between the trees like smoke. The reflective canopy undulates across the site, expanding the park and sky. Its appearance changes according to the weather, allowing it to melt into the surroundings. It works as a field of activity with no walls, allowing uninterrupted view across the park and encouraging access from all sides. It is a sheltered extension of the park where people can read, relax and enjoy lovely summer days.’

If you like Sanaa too check out a post about a stunning retail interior from a few months ago.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Nice Merch

After my post about the amazing Selfridges windows I saw in London, this Country Road window proves that you don't have to have massive budgets to produce lovely visual merchandising. These designs are by 2nd year RMIT Visual Merchandising students. What a fantastic initiative by Country Road to support new talent like this! I saw these on my way home today, corner Chapel Street & Toorak Road, South Yarra.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Amazing Antiques

When we were little my sis and I used to follow Mum around these antique shops on the High Street Armadale and we were never allowed to touch. So I've always loved wandering through antique shops but this is the real deal. This is just a tiny snapshot of some of the wonderful things I saw at Graham Geddes Antiques the other day. I wish I could of taken more photos to show you some of the ancient objects, art and furniture that fills two separate buildings on High Street Armadale. These images are at G Whizz which is aimed at a younger market, apparently more affordable but the real stuff is next door.

One of the lovely ladies kindly took me on an amazing secret tour through a rabbits warren of rooms, up stairs, down stairs, through warehouse spaces and all around; it was filled with the most amazing antiques, mostly from 17th and 18th century. But the highlight was some Tang Dynasty terracotta horses that just arrived. Beautiful.

I saw a real giant bear skin, taxidermy turtles and a bear, carved Spanish doors, bronze statues, marble busts, sparkling crystal chandeliers, carved wooden chairs, and just so much that my eyes were popping out of my head!

If you're in the area don't be afraid to buzz in and take a look. Ask for the beautiful Patricia (aka Perky). Graham Geddes Antiques 877 High Street Armadale Victoria.

Graham Geddes Antiques

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Going on a Safari

If you're in Melbourne and haven't been to Safari, you don't know what you're missing people! Every time I pop in I am overwhelmed by glorious colour and beautiful objects. Safari stock Missoni Homewares including fabric, towels and rugs alongside local designs such as objects by Flatland OK and gorgeous pieces from Victoria Mason Jewellery. So you see international designs alongside local Melbourne designs which I think makes a fantastic range.

Felicity opened Safari in 2001 a was absolutley lovely so why not pop in if you're in Prahran. Safari is on 579 High St on the corner of very posh Grandview Grove.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Selfridges Window

Following on from my current obsession with all things bright and colourful I dug out these photos I took of a Selfridges window on Oxford Street from July 08. They just blew me away with their graphic, neon, pixelated styling. Of course the windows are always amazing, I loved walking past on my way home. If you know who designed this window I would be curious to know...


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