Thursday, 24 December 2009

J Crew

Isn't this store just lovely?  It's understated with beautiful materials and textures so that the clothes and things stand out.  This J Crew store in Manhattan blends vintage and new really well, don't you think?
I found this on Lonny magazine, check it out.

Sensory Lab


We are seriously serious about coffee in Melbourne.  Sensory Lab is a new addition to Melbourne's coffee favorite friends that bought us St Ali and Outpost, they really know their Costa Rica from their Ethiopian coffee.  It offers the coffee snob (you know who you are) to taste the difference between something clean, sweet and citrus to berry, tomato and honey.  The barrista may even serve it to you dressed in a lab coat, oh yes this is very serious.
Again the interior is beautiful, love the lab feel with the exposed buld lighting and that green keeps it from becoming a sterile space.  It's gorgeous, another one by HPG.

It is tucked into the entry of David Jones on Little Collins Street, quite surprising for a department store, I' looking forward to when the whole renovation is finished...

Monday, 14 December 2009

Dear Father Christmas,

Dear Father Christmas,
I have been a very good girl this year and if you have space in your sleigh, can I please have this Fendi bike?  You see I want to ride to work as I always seem to miss the tram and I don't want to drive, as I am trying to save the planet.  This bike was designed by Karl Lagerfield and it's simply gorgeous, don't you love the chest at the front Santa? 

I will leave some bikkies and a drink for you and some carrots for your reindeer.

Love me.

Phillip Lim store in Seoul


From the designers Leong Leong:
The Flagship Typology – Sameness vs. Difference
This project is a single store within 3.1 Phillip Lim’s global roll-out campaign, which will include many international locations.  Aware of the inevitable repetition that is necessary for such a commercial expansion, we thought of the typology of a flagship store as being characterized by the simultaneous need for sameness and difference.

The wallpaper is the result of an ongoing collaboration with artist Wook Kim.  Phillip had a strong desire to reference the local culture which inspired Wook to develop a pattern derived from ancient Korean ceramics.

The Fade
The 20-meter façade is also a material liner that wraps the existing building with a supple gradient of convex concrete panels.  The eight different 600mm x 600mm panels types progressively flatten as they climb the façade.

What a beautiful retail space.  I'm interested in the whole 'flagship' idea as the brand needs to be recognizable and at the same time speak of the location and surrounding architecture.  So it can be challenge and it's very interesting the way New York based Leong Leong studio have taken ideas from previous stores and also integrated materials and techniques from the Korean culture.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

And A

Have you checked out the wonderwall new website yet?  It's gorgeous!  I absolutely LOVE every single thing that Masamichi Katayama does.  His retail interiors are simply the best, especially the way he uses lighting, so stunning.
And Accessorie is a newly renovated accessories store in Tokyo, after the initial design also by Katayame in 2001.  I love the use of light and dark timbers, the finishes are simple yet applied beautifully.
From the website:

The boutique is equipped with movable cabinets, tables, and shelves constructed with varying materials to accommodate flexible display of accessories as well as bags, clothes, and other items in accordance with the brand's philosophy that everything including clothes are also a part of accessories. 

Oh and I'm kind of working on a Wonderwall project at the moment, sshhhhhh...


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