Sunday, 31 January 2010

The next available ticket to Paris please!

I want to go to Paris. Now.  This L'Eclaireur shop in Paris is so unique, it has the quality of an art installation whilst still displaying a good capacity of stock, which can be a fine line.  The merging of this art space and a shop is a perfect balance in my opinion.  So it was no surprise to find that this shop wasn't designed by an interior designer at all rather an artist, Belgian born Arne Quinze. 

Arne Quinze:
It’s not a shop, it’s an experience. It’s not a decor and not an artwork, but it’s absolutely an expression. It will be up to the people to make it their own. My biggest joy would be if they would undergo an imaginary travel in their heads. I’ve filmed the eyes of my wife Barbara Becker which I’ve smurred in mud. You can’t see if it’s an animal or a human presence while the video is projected non stop. Behind a box of plexiglas the effect of transparancy suddenly reveals the body which can come as shock to certain viewers. 

It's all about creating that experience for the customer these days, however merchandise is for sale so it still is a shop.  It's about creating that experience for the customer so they forget they are in a shop, so they relax and enjoy it and want to take a piece of that experience with them so they buy something.  I love it and try not to fall for it myself!

From Dezeen

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Dream House in Stuttgart


This is a pretty amazing house!  Although it looks like a house in Japan (Shigiru Ban curtain wall house) this house is in the rugged barren Swabian Alb area in Southern Germany.  C18 Architects designed this house with a jewelry designer studio.  The curtains are made from a silvery shiny material usually used to cover the scaffolding on construction sites and the materiality was carefully considered.  Read more at Yatzer.

Such a breathtaking building, one question though, where do I put my stuff?



I was lucky enough to score some aesop products over Christmas and they are soooo good!  So I thought it was about time to post the aesop store interiors.  I have resisted because they are covered on so many blogs out there, but I guess that is because the designs are so stunning and they just keep coming.
The top images are of the new aesop store in Singapore by Melbourne based March Studio that also designed the Flinders Lane 'cardboard' store.

My favorite is the London store by Studio Ilse, I love the unusual green against the herringbone floors and black spiral staircase, stunning!

aesop say:
Our stores are unique in the retail landscape and have little in common with one another aside from a warm and welcoming ambience. We regard our stores as showcases for our highly prized products.

To make the most interesting use of each space, we collaborate with talented designers and architects. In every instance, we aim to add rather than detract from the existing built environment, taking into consideration the characteristics of the neighbourhood and the type of outlets with which we share the street. Within each store, we work with objects and materials that offer interesting possibilities because of their colour, texture or history.


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