Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Opening Ceremony- Here I Come!

Did I mention that I'm off to Japan on Monday?  Konichiwa!!!
So I've been researching some amazing stores that I want to get to whilst I'm there and I came across Opening Ceremony.  'Hello! where have you been all my life?'  Well in Japan and the US, not here.

This 8 storey conceptual department store is an American brand and this is the first to open in Japan, how seriously cool is it?  I love how each level has a different concept and are so diverse, something there for everyone, no?  Well luckily my friends I'm going with are also interior designers but I have a feeling that I'm going to be testing the friendship when I go berserk with my camera - you've been warned!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Absolutely loving these beautifully feminine illustrations I discovered when I noticed this lovely lady floating on a column at Melbourne Central last weekend.  Aren't they just gorgeous!  They are by EvelineTarunadjaja who is a Melbourne based artist and seems like a really cool girl, from her website:

With a love for stories and fungus to keep her inspired, Eveline’s delicate style is forever evolving and will surely drive her mad one day. Which will no doubt make her work even more intriguing.

Melbourne Central is such a cool mall and I always seem to find something new.  There are different artworks on the column in the centre and  it's such a beautiful and clever way to integrate artwork in a public space, nice one!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Shoes Glorious Shoes

Wow, what a transformation for the Tony Bianco footwear brand!  Absolutely loving their new store design concepts, gorgeous detailing and materials. Like I need more excuses to check out shoes!
This is the Melbourne Central store which I believe is the second store to open after Chapel Street, which is an equally stunning store.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Aesop Global Domination

 Aeosp at Merci, Paris.
Aesop, Greville Street Prahran
Aesop Frace
Aesop just keep amazing me!  They recently opened in Tokyo and now this pop-up store with a wave of boxes at the Merci concept store in Paris.  The interior design is by March Studio, another one of those studios tucked away in Melbourne that has been producing some brilliant work.  They have completed a few stores for Aesop such as Greville Street, Singapore and another store in France.  So clever to take the aesop packaging or a simple material such as plywood and use them in such interesting and repetitive ways.  And how amazing are those renders?  The website is great too.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Blue Goose

I noticed this pharmacy was open yesterday when I popped into the supermarket, isn't it lovely! Blue Goose is quite a different pharmacy concept and I'm loving finishes and colours of the interior. The extra-wide limed oak flooring (Harper & Sandilands) and the stone benches is another stunning retail design by Red.  They also stock quite a good selection of cosmetics like Kenzo, Givenchy, etc and the service is good too!
This store is in the Vogue Plaza at South Yarra with more to follow.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Lygon Street in Mornington

I just could not believe I was in little old Mornington when I visited DOCS last week.  In fact I think I drove my friends crazy by the amount of times I kept saying that!  I grew up here and had not been down Main Street for about a year or so, how it's changed!  DOCS opened a while ago and has been flat-out busy ever since.  This is the sister cafe/store to DOS Carlton and Carlton Espresso.  Did I mention that it is Italian, and man do they want to let you know about it!  You can hear "Signorina" and "Ciao Bella" and all that Italian stuff fly around the cafe, the waiters put on quite a performance indeed!  (see photo above)

The produce store is amazing!  The cheese, the salami, the proscuitto, it all on display in a fabulous deli.  Then there are the imported groceries, it is displayed just beautifully and is really tempting!  There is a good review here from The Age.

White Out

How do the Japanese do it?  Simply stunning retail design, the perfect combination of quirkyness and sophistication - love it!  No-one does white on white better in my humble opinion.  Although it would be tempting to supply some crayons to colour in the 'paint-by-numbers' mural on the walls and counter!

From Designboom:
this first maison martin margiela store opened in tokyo in 2000. located in the ebisu area of the city... the store mores to another location in a former electrical products factory building, still in the ebisu area. 

for the interior he has continued with his iconographic use of white.  much of the factory's original interior components are still intact, preserving the industrial feel of the building. built-in storage units now act as display cabinets for the maison martin margiela collection.


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