Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Autumn Colours

I think that Melbourne wears autumn really well.  Autumn just suits this city, the streets and gardens are absolutely beautiful at the moment.  We've had some bright fresh days, the sun is low and there is the distant smell of an open fire somewhere nearby.  I just love it.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Pin Up!

On Wednesday night I popped into the opening of Pin Up's latest exhibition at The Compound Interest in Collingwood.  Lamington Drive also work out of the space which is an old warehouse with plywood rooms inserted here and there, it's quite a cool space.  The vodka was flowing liberally (yes vodka people, not any of this cheap wine business) as this gathering of designers and architects wandered through the space.  

And what an interesting exhibition space it is too!  Designed by Edwards Moore, the plywood sloping table shards filled the space displaying objects on and under them with floating images above.  The exhibition showed some of Melbourne's best modern craftsmen and women's work, the final piece was represented along with some design development work which was really interesting.  Some work I liked was ceramics by Greg Bonesera, cool shiny objects by Flatland OK, Geoffry Nees (artwork facade on Domain Tower) and Freefold Furniture (cardboard models).  It was just an interesting mix of design work.

Here's a bit about Pin Up from their website:
Pin-up is a new, independent architecture and design gallery, project and event space housed within one of Melbourne’s most vibrant creative precincts. Firmly engaged with promoting local debate yet with an international outlook, Pin-up is dedicated to exhibiting, communicating and promoting architecture and design in an accessible, responsive and inspirational environment.

The exhibition finishes on Sunday so it you like the look of it get down there on the weekend!
Pin-up and Something Together are located at The Compound Interest: Centre for The Applied Arts - 15-25 Keele Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066, Melbourne, Australia.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Beams T

I was in my element in the back streets of Harajuku and I was super excited to stumble across the Beams T store by the amazing Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall.  There it was, that conveyor of t-shirts.  Still looking fresh and cool after nearly TEN YEARS!!  Can you believe it!  That is like the Stonehenge of retail. It just goes to show that the Japanese are really light years ahead when it comes to setting the trends in retail and fashion.  The t-shirts are displayed within glass cabinets almost like a museum exhibition and lit from above and below. 

The interior works really well.  I stood there whilst the t-shirts passed by me on the steel conveyor belt, it's really easy to shop and the store display is always changing.  I actually bought one t-shirt and whilst walking out of the store two others caught my eye that I just had to have too.  Super cool and quirky.

Beams T is part of the larger Beams brand with many off-shoot labels however this one only sells t-shirts and they do that very well.  The idea is 'Art for Everyday' with artistic graphics from around the world printed and presented on the T-shirts. 

With the theme "Art for Everyday" this shop merchandises T-shirts only. A rotating display presents T-shirts as pieces of artwork in the backdrop of an artist's workshop.

Top photos by Lauren Macer and the others from wonderwall.

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Visiting búl is kind of like stepping into a charming old 60s beach house in Mc Crae complete with timber wall paneling, a timber verandah, old board games and glimpses of the beach.  I totally get it and I absolutely love it. 

The beach house is literally represented by the negative space of a house with the roof rafters exposed and a wintery blue sky around.  However the interior is subtle and defiantly not too themey if you know what I mean.  The store is not filled with too many props but the native flowers, old board games and other objects that have been carefully selected speak volumes about the natural and relaxed fashion label.

The bespoke timber fixtures are smart and functional, and the POS is more like an integrated piece of furniture in the space.  The computers and equipment is concealed not to distract from the natural relaxed atmosphere.  And I really love the colour of that floor rug that skims the polished concrete floor.  The store just opened on Friday so I don't have any information on who did the fitout so comments welcome!
 And then there's the collection itself.  Every single piece would fit into my wardrobe, i love it.  Stunning leather, cotton and wool knits all have a natural organic feel to them.  Búl is a Melbourne based label started by Virginia Martin.  

From the búl website:

búl expresses the grace and natural beauty
of the seaside – its colours, textures,
moods and subtleties – through a range of
contemporary yet timeless fashion ideals.

Warm sand. Glassy morning swells. Weathered
beach houses. Balmy evenings. Brooding skies.
búl will take you there with playfulness and
sophistication, understatement and individuality

Búl, 241 Brunswick Street Fitzroy (opposite the Black Cat)
Photos by Lauren Macer

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Something Beautiful

Not only are these glass objects beautiful, they also blend recycled found objects with new glass.  Carina Seth Andersson has found the knobs at flea markets and in antique shops over the last twenty years and makes the bottles in a hot-glass studio with the help Eino Mäkelä, designing them to suit the knobs.  I love the blend of something old from a century past with new Scandinavian modern design.

From Svensk Form:
Carina Seth-Andersson, who started her career in the early 1990’s, could just as well have designed airplanes or spaceships. Her concept of beauty is pared down to the barest possible expression - just like old medicine bottles. But there is also a discrete and warm humor to her work - not everything is centered and perfect.

Carina was born  in 1965 in Stockholm. Carina received a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack University College of Art 1993 and spent an extra year in glass in 1994.

Available from Iittala

Monday, 16 May 2011

Floaty and Lovely

Simply stunning.  I was so excited to have discovered these absolutely beautiful fabrics by Jakob Schlaefper who launched a selection at the recent Maison & Objet in Paris.  Jakob Schlaepfer is a European Fabric House that supplies couture fabrics to fashion labels such as Christian Lacroix and Yves Saint Laurent. This is a tiny selection of their range in some colours I'm loving at the moment.  Delicious!


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