Monday, 26 September 2011


I was walking down Bourke Street the other night the Myer windows stopped me in my tracks.  How awesome are they?  The bright colours and layered lighting just they blew me away.  I love the graphic quality and how the letters create a real sense of depth in the display.  The floating letters are so cleverly eexecuted, it's really difficult to actually see how the whole thing stands up.  Very clever indeed.  

In fact the Mecca concession is my favorite part of the new Myer refurbishment.  Unfortunately I found the new Myer interiors very disappointing and uninspiring, otherwise I would of posted some photos.  I think that more visual merchandising within the store of this standard it what they desperately need to lift the store somewhere near the level of international department stores.  It's such a wasted opportunity in my mind.  Anyway, I loved these windows and would be interested to know who the designer is but I have a feeling it could be Gloss Creative.
Scratch that!  The windows are by Create & Communicate.  Love your work.  Thanks for getting in touch and letting me know!

Photos by Lauren Macer

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Cool merchandising at Eleven, the boutique at Potato Head in Bali.  The vintage props add a chic vibe to this cool store. 
This was a beautiful store to browse in Seminyak.  It stocks some great labels but it still has that relaxed Bali vibe going on.  It was a surprising find!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Potato Head!

Cocktails at Potato Head = BLISS!!!  Check out my favorite place to chill out in Bali, are you jealous yet?  I was just in heaven here, and I never wanted to leave.  In fact I wish I was there again right now! 
Old reclaimed window shutters were sourced from around Indonesia and used for the exterior cladding.  The combination of local reclaimed materials used in a new modern building really appeals to me.  And it looks absolutely stunning on the curved facade.  Potato Head is by Indonesian architect Andra Matin, one of the country's leading architects. 
I love the mid century furniture in one of the lounge areas.  Quite unexpected for a Bali location, not a frangipani or thatched hut to be found here!
 Who doesn't love a bar in the pool?  Who?  I can cross that one off my bucket list now!
A really great example of resort architecture.  Actually reminded me of mid century LA design, totally love it!
 The shutters light up beautifully at night.  Stunning.
A friend recommended Potato Head on our recent trip to Bali for a wedding and wow, it totally blew me away!  Amazing view, delicious cocktails (I mean seriously amazing), yummy snack food, a few gorgeous restaurants, cruisey music and AMAZING architecture/ interiors.  What more could I possibly want?  Shopping?  Well there's a gorgeous boutique, Eleven in the basement too!

Photos by Lauren Macer

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Stunning Screens

Lane Crawford again, this is the main department store at Pacific Place.  A moving wall of sneakers in the Men's department - very impressive indeed!  The sneakers moved along the top conveyor track so the display constantly is changing.  It was a really beautiful space and the detailing was amazing.
I LOVE this screen.  The clear tubes are configured to circular shapes to make up the screen.  I've never really seen anything like it.
So many beautiful screens at Lane Crawford Pacific Place in Hong Kong.  This is the main department store and let me tell you, it was fabulous!  And these photos are just a tiny snapshot of the Men's area before the staff told me that photos aren't allowed.  I think that the photos I managed to get really illustrate the variety of the screens and how each space has a different look and feel.  The interior is by Yabu Pushelberg again and the use of different materials is very clever. 
Photos by Lauren Macer

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I Found Heaven in Hong Kong

The candle display wall is clad with these stunning hexagon tiles and the concealed shelf lighting is so beautiful.  I like that shell chandelier too.
I fell in love with this gorgeous bedlinen, I've not seen this before back home and I think I desperately need it!  Did you spot to pelican lamp by Abigail Ahern?  That woman is everywhere!
I wouldn't of picked it, but the green wall totally works here!
The Designer Rugs are displayed beautifully in this circular space.  And those cushions - I die!
Trees in the bath - cool! Check out that Missoni, that will be my bathroom one day!
This is my idea of heaven.  Ok that sounds a bit sad really.  But you understand don't you?  Oh, ok you're a bit annoyed with me because I disappeared for a while with absolutely no explanation. What?  You didn't notice I've been away?  Anyway, enough talking to myself and back to business.

This is the Lane Crawford Home Store at Pacific Place, Hong Kong and not only does it carry a truly fabulous range of furniture and homewares, the interior is absolutely stunning.  The interior designers are Yabu Pushelberg and it was really great to experience one of their designs as I've been a huge fan of their glamorous work for years.  Of course my photos don't do it justice at all, but the lighting is really stunning and the materials are gorgeous.  The lighting is textured to highlight particular displays with a narrow beam lamp and also halo lighting to wash over the wall surfaces.  I love the oak herringbone floor, the tiled hexagon curved wall in the candle area and the white painted brick.  Everything is stunning.

The space is divided into different sections, there was a Scandinavian design room which of course I loved, a bedlinen area, cushions, bath, furniture and accessories - the selection was really well edited.  We have some really great stores in Melbourne but nothing like this, so many great brands in the one beautiful store.  Extreme love!!!

Photos by Lauren Macer


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