Monday, 6 August 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

I wanted to share some good looking kitchens with you, there are some pretty beautiful designs out there.  You see, I'm working on a kitchen for a very tricky client - myself!  My problem is that I see so many great ideas all the time which makes it hard to work out what I want for myself.  It's easier with a client, you get a feel of what they are wanting and with some research you can take one idea and run with it.  Not so easy for myself I'm finding...

I usually start developing a design with a few inspiration images that capture the mood I am after.  I love the images above, lots of white and clean wall surfaces.  I don't know yet what it is I can take from the top image into my own kitchen, but it's one of my very favourite spaces so I just had to throw it in.  I absolutely love it, the wall light, the finishes, the Fornasetti place - everything!
Believe it or not, this is an ikea kitchen.  I'm not even kidding.  What an amazing space.  This is pretty close to what I'll end up with I think, minus the tall ceilings, huge mansion windows, oak chevron floors, rustic walls, architectural details, space.  Ok, the only thing that might be the same are the white and pink cupboard fronts and clutter on the bench.  Apart from that, exactly the same!
I love kitchens that are decorated as part of the house.  Why not display some artwork in the kitchen?  The kitchen itself is quite simple, it's a lick of paint on the walls, artwork and an interesting chair that gives this personality.
I'm dreaming if I think my budget will allow for this kind of organisation, but I'm still allowed to dream aren't I?

A major restriction is budget.  Budgets are so boring.  But that doesn't mean that we can't have a cool little kitchen.  We are renting and we just love our little home, not the kitchen so much.  So we are willing to spend our own money to make it a much better space.  Of course we don't want to go overboard so off to ikea we go.  We're still working out the details and of course as a designer I want to put some personality in there.  Here are some splashback ideas I'm looking into...
 Cheap tiles that look chic.
 Nothing wrong with a washable paint.
 Kind of seeing these subway tiles everywhere, they do look cool though, and they are cheap!
Smart shelving.
Nice materials palette.
If you like I can keep you posted on the progress.  Now, I just have to make some decisions!

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