Sunday, 29 January 2012

Realistic Wallpapers


I've noticed that there are some new wallpapers that have been released recently that share a common theme, they are trying to look like something they are not.  Usually when we think of wallpapers or finishes from the past that are supposed to give realistic representation of another material, they are a disaster, think of fake wood or fake brink panels.  However I really love these  wallpaper designs by UK company Mineheart.  They have just added to their collection a carved stone pattern which I think is very effective.  We've seen the bookcases before by Deborah Bowess, I posted about them back in 2009 here, but the trend has only got bigger with more options, and perhaps more realistic.  I think the key is to use these papers with a dash of humor, don't be too serious and try to pass them off as the real thing.  They would suit retail and hospitality projects, or even hotels, don't you think?
These plank wallpapers are by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek in his trademark recycled timber planks and are available from Safari Living.  I wouldn't mind having a look at them in the flesh to see the texture.  They look great in photographs and I'm sure would be a great prop for photo shoots however I'm not 100% sold on these in residential, what do you think?
The three designs above are my selection by Swedish wallpaper company Mr Perswall and available in Australia through Scandinavian Wallpaper Decor.  I mean who doesn't arrange their books in colour order anyway?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Hay there!

I'm pretty much obsessed with Hay, like really obsessed.  Obsessed in the way that when I catch up with my BFF we talk about Hay for an hour.  I mean really, what dorks.  But looking at these images you do understand, don't you?  This is part of their new range and it's all absolutely beautiful, the products are understated, subtle and unique.  They speak of quality, attention to detail and a return to the use of colour (thank goodness!) which is so cleverly applied.  Hay incorporates the work from a selected group of established Danish designers such as Scholten & Baijings.  They are known for their grid patterns using combination of soft pastels and and bright flourescent colours, I posted about them back in 2009 here.  We bought some Hay bedlinen designed by Scholten & Baijings a while ago after many months of deliberation on which gorgeous design to choose.  Not only is the design and the colours beautiful, it is printed on a soft sateen fabric which is lovely to use.  Whilst I was studying interior design I worked at a few bedlinen retailers and there is hardly anything out there that I like, apart from some Aura and plain white.  So I really was quite excited to see something so different to what is available on the market. 

We picked up a catalogue from Corporate Culture and poured over the stunning images on the Hay website until we finally made our decision.  The styling of the products is impeccable.  I've only posted a tiny selection of their new products but it's worth checking out their website, which is also well designed.
About Hay:
Hay strives to make good design accessible by supplying our trademark designs with affordable price tags. Hay is committed to nurturing and promoting the originality of young talents as well as exploring the twisted minds of established designers.

Hay operates in the field between architecture and fashion bridging the statics from architecture and the dynamics from fashion. We are ambitious in the field of innovation and the use of cutting edge technologies.

Note: The lovely guys at Corporate Culture are the Australian distributors however unfortunately they don't keep any bedlinen in stock however if you are desperate like we were let me know and I'll let you know where to buy!)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

VCA Masters Exhibition 2011

 This post is a little late, I've been so lazy! Last month I visited the VCA Masters Exhibition and as usual was blown away by the amazing talent.  Above is one of my favorites, hand drawn work by Krishnamurti Suparka.
Detail of work by Krishnamurti Suparka.  Amazing. 
These drawings really do reveal themselves at closer inspection.  They are the diaries of the artist written in tiny lettering. 
 Installation work by my talented sister Adele Macer.  Extremely proud!
Quilt and levitating tetrahedrons by Adele Macer
 The gorilla that beat on his drum.  Very surreal.  Sorry, I couldn't find the details of the artist for this one.
 Video work by Hugh Davis.
Leanne Hermosilla
 Laura Skerlj 'Future Stones'
 Laura Skerlj.  I love these so much!
The effect oxidisation from water on these steel plates is really interesting.  Unfortunately I couldn't find the name of this artist but this work was a highlight for me.  I love how grids of water reflect the ceiling above, how the plates stretch out on the concrete floor across the space, the geometry, colours.... 
'Untitled' Joe Bonaccorso
 I loved this work however I didn't get the artists name, I know, bad blogging!  So if you can help me fill in the blanks I would greatly appreciate it!
UPDATE!!!  This work is by Valentina Palonen.  Thank you for the update Anonymous! 

Friday, 6 January 2012

My Top 5 Albums of 2011

It's so hard to put down this list but here goes...
1. GROUPLOVE, Never Trust a Happy Song.  I have been so obsessed by this album it's just not funny.  Grouplove is the cutest band ever, such sunny happy tunes that brighten my day every time.  I saw them play the other night and they were simply amazing, I danced my butt off.
2. SEEKER LOVER KEEPER, self titled.  Sweet girly tunes.
3. ARCTIC MONKEYS, Suck It And See.  Love Brit Pop.
4. ROBYN, Body Talk.  This lady rocks.
5. KANYE WEST, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  He's such a dickhead but I love it.

What artists did you fall in love with last year? 

An additional note:
6.  PLAN B, The Defamation of Strickland Banks. How could I forget?  In the first half of the year I listened to this brilliant soul album by an English white hip-hop dude non-stop.  
[Like A Version: Plan B - Runaway] 


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