Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Grounds

A few weeks ago now we went to Sydney for a long weekend. Our very first stop immediately after getting off our flight was The Grounds.  It's an new cafe in the middle of Alexandria and is like a little country oasis amongst warehouses and industrial stuff.  There is a gorgeous outdoor area with veggie patches, interesting old things everywhere and even chickens!  So cute.
It was a beautiful sunny day in Sydney (not like Melbourne) so we enjoyed a coffee in the sun and after a bit of a wait sat at our table inside.  On the whole the food was really great.  The interior was nice too although a bit predictable with subway tiles, industrial light fittings, exposed brick, yawn.  But it was still done well.
We found out about The Grounds at What Katie Ate.  Check it out for some absolutely beautiful photos (totally put mine to shame!)
Photos by Lauren Macer

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pin it!

If you're not onto Pintrest, seriously, where have you been?  Hiding under a rock with no wi-fi?  I stumbled upon Pintrest a while back now and since then I have had the feeling that it has exploded online.  Basically it is a way to save images online into categorized 'boards'.  And so much more! Not only can you save images from websites, you can also follow other peoples boards and repin their images into your boards.  So if you stumble across some boards that you like, you can follow them and well, it can get a little OOC!
It's not all design related either, there are quite a few catagories from Cars & Motorcycles, Kids, Pets, Sports (?) and even Geeks - now we're talking!  Something for everyone.  People plan their weddings and travel by collecting images, it's a great way of having access to your images online.  That's what I love about it, I can access my images when I'm working from home or in the office.  So if you're an image junkie like me - sign up!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Interior Decorator vs Interior Designer

One of the questions I often get asked is what is the difference between an Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, Interior Architect and Interior Stylist.  It can be confusing to understand the difference as there is no governing body that controls who can call themselves any of these titles.  Unlike architecture in which the AIA (Australian Institute of Architects) allows those who are qualified and then registered to legally call themselves an architect.  So basically anyone that has done a short course can call themselves an interior designer.  Unfortunately there are some people out there who do not operate in a professional manner and give us all a bad name.  Anyway.  This is my interpretation of the difference between the following, please let me know your thoughts too:

Interior Decorator: works within an existing interior space (usually residential) to design a fully furnished room concept.  Generally they make aesthetic changes without making structural changes.  They design the colour scheme, select finishes, fixtures and furnishings sometimes down to bedlinen and homewares.  A decorator can provide custom designed soft furnishings such as window furnishings, sofas and also provide kitchen and bathroom designs.  They are usually commissioned for a project at the end once all building work has finished.
Interior Decoration by Dianne Bergeron
Interior Decoration by Kelly Wearstler

Interior Designer: takes an holistic approach when designing a space. They investigate the problems and restrictions and then find and create a cohesive answer. Interior designers work from the beginning of a project to ensure that the building is designed from the inside-out as well and from the outside-in.  Working across all sectors including retail, residential, commercial, education, health and workplace, an interior designer considers the overall effect of the space.  Every aspect of the interior is considered from the layout, colours, form, furnishings, lighting and architecture, right down the detailing the joinery items.  They are aware of the building codes and often work through concept and branding, drawing/documentation, tender and project management through to the (fabulous) finished project outcome. 

From the DIA:
Interior designers plan and detail commercial and residential building interiors for effective use with particular emphasis on space creation, space planning and factors that affect our responses to living and working environments.
Interior design is also referred to as interior architecture because interior designers are trained to consider the modification of the interior structure of the building rather than just refinishing and furnishing existing spaces.
Pacific Place Hong Kong by Heatherwick Studios
 L'Opera Restaurant Paris by Odile Decq

Two Two Six Hollywood Road, Hong Kong, Isle Crawford

From Studio Ilse website: Studioilse’s design starts with the human being at the centre. As creative directors and designers Studioilse works across brand development, concept creation, interior architecture, furniture, lighting and product design.   Studioilse is headed by Ilse Crawford, fascinated by what drives us, brings us together and ultimately makes us feel alive, this is manifested through design that can provide a frame for life.

Crawford believes design can influence the way we behave and feel. By addressing changing times and values, as well as the things that don’t change, design can shape the way we live and work. This approach is applied at all scales, from products to buildings, private to public space and is one she is developing with the next generation of designers through her work as Head of Department at the leading Design Academy Eindhoven.

Interior Architect:  I find this term to be a tricky one.  Monash University have an Interior Architecture course and to be honest I don't understand the difference between an Interior Design degree.  The reason that I have a problem with the term interior architecture it is that in Australia to be called an architect there is a registration process.  It would be fantastic if there was a license or registration to be called an Interior Designer/Architect in Australia however at this time there is not.

Interior Stylist:  An interior stylist creates interior scenes usually as part of a photography shoot.  They source everything from furniture, backdrops, objects, flowers and sometimes the location for a photo shoot.  They arrange the items in an aesthetic way to suit the client brief, weather it be for an editiorial spread for a magazine, or advertising for a client or product catalogue.  An interior stylist may also select and style furnishings for real estate agents in order to sell a property. 

Glen Proebstel is a the top if his game.  This is from his website:  Glen Proebstel is a Melbourne based stylist who produces work of a truly international standard. His ability lies, not only in his skill of selecting and bringing objects together in an aesthetically pleasing way, but in his innate feel for how to create an emotional connection.  The quality of his work comes from the understanding of fundamentals such as scale, texture, placement, colour and light, but the magic comes from the unexpected, the witty and the quirky play that underpins his signature style.

 Glen Proebstel for Zuster Furniture
Megan Morton for Wool Mark Australia
Sibella Court

I'd love to know what you think.  What have I missed, is this how you understand the distinctions between these titles?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pony in the Library

I am so in love with this gorgeous house of fashion designer Dorothee Schumacher in Germany.  And especially in love with the menagerie of furry friends that wander throughout the house.  To me, this has everything a real home should be, a place to live and love and express your own personality.  It isn't too precious or slaveshly following the latest trends, it's simply uniquely gorgeous.  I mean her miniature pony comes into the library, seriously how cool is that!  I want a pony too!

That conservatory is to die for.  The plants, the timber furniture, the floor rugs, it all comes together to make a relaxing space full of personality.  And that dressing room - wow!  There are drawers and compartments for every fabulous shiny glittery thing.  It's fabulously girly and why not?  It's a contrast from the rest of the house, a special retreat, I love that.

Of course, these photos are by none other than Todd Selby of the selby.  If you haven't visited this amazing website, check it out!  I blogged it back here too.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Proud as Punch!

Where do I begin?  This post is a special one because this house was designed by my gorgeous best friend Andy.  I know, pretty amazing huh?  On Friday five of us flew up to Sydney to attend the Australian Interior Design Awards as this project was shortlisted in the Residential Design category.  It is such an achievement to be shortlisted amongst the major architecture and interior design practices in Australia, even more so considering that Andy is an office of one person - herself! 

So there we were, all glammed up and enjoying the event, when the Emerging Interior Design Practice category was announced.  Then - BAM! - Studio Moore was announced as a finalist.  It was such a priceless moment and I wouldn't of missed it for the world.  The finalists in that category hadn't yet been announced so it was such an amazing surprise.  We all couldn't be more proud of our friend and she is so modest about it all.  If it was me I would probably we dancing on the tables!  Ha!

It's been fantastic for Andy to get this recognition as it has been a project that she has worked so hard on for a while.  I think the images speak for themselves, so I won't go an about how amazing it is, you can see that.  Simply stunning.

Photographs by Lachlan Moore. Talent runs in the family with Andy's brother, a photographer that has just officially opened Rockby Studios.  He shoot the house, check out his post here about the house in more detail.  Watch this space...

Announced just yesterday, the house is also in the running for the 2012 Houses Awards.  It is shortlisted with only 9 others for House Alteration/ Addition over 200m2.  Exciting times!


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