Saturday, 19 January 2013

Shipping Container Living

To those of you out there who have studied interior design or architecture, you are probably familiar with shipping container projects, but I just had to share this one with you.  It's the Port-a-Bach holiday home by atelierworkshop - I love it!

At uni we researched shipping containers that were adapted for emergency situations, high density living options like student accommodation and the holiday house. Of course the most 'famous' of them all is the Sean Godsell 'Future Shack' a shipping container adapted for emergency housing, it is such a clever design. But most of the examples I've seen I just wasn't convinced that a converted shipping container is a space I would like to live in.  They were often dark, pokey and I imagine would get quite hot.  Not this one though!

The side folds down to create a porch which is like another outdoor room and a wall of glass louvred doors keep the interior light and airy.  Timber is used throughout the interior which gives continuity with fabric partitions used to divide up smaller spaces.  To me it is actually an interior I would want to spend time in on a holiday, could you imagine all of the beautiful places you could plant this baby? Sand dunes on the beach, a forest, by a lake or heck- why not fly your helicopter and land it on a city rooftop!
atelierworkshop are based in New Zealand, the Port-a-Bach is a prototype was built in Hangzhou, China and shipped to New Zealand.

Found on designboom


  1. Hi Lauren,
    You should check out this guy on TV here in the UK - George Clark
    x elle

  2. That looks good Elle, thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks so nice and comfy. I would love to own one, but it's sure expensive.

    Najala Greene
    Aztec Container



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